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Select HPCMP OpenID Login Method

PKI using CAC
Log in using your CAC. Please select your ID certificate. You will be asked to enter your CAC pin if it is not already cached in your browser.

Log in using Kerberos with Yubikey. You will be asked to enter your Kerberos principal, Kerberos password and a Yubikey OTP.

Cancel authentication process and return to your previous website or webpage.

**Important Information for Users**

Using openid means you rely on another website to authenticate you. You will provide your authentication credentials to the openid site. Please ensure you recognize the url of the HPCMP OpenID Provider containing https://openid.hpcmp.hpc.mil. If you do not recognize the site you are authenticating to, please contact a HPC Help Desk admin at help@helpdesk.hpc.mil